This Baby Died Weeks Ago, But God Had Other Plans…

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One of the worst pains that a parent could ever go through is the loss of their own child.

Unfortunately parents Mindy and Rob Seay from Anchorage, Alaska know this feeling all too well. When Mindy was only 20 weeks pregnant with her son, Lincoln, the doctors found something very unusual with his heart. He was suffering from severe heart defects, and was told that he may not make it very far in this life. Immediately after his birth Lincoln was rushed to undergo open heart surgery where a shunt would be put in place to keep him alive. Unfortunately 3 months later he outgrew the shunt and was placed on the transplant list.


Rob was feeling the pressure of needing to be there for his family, so he quit his job and packed everyone up to move closer to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. At first the husband and father was scared of the move, but he knew this was the best option for his family. He wanted his wife to be able to take care of herself and Lincoln and not have to worry about any other stresses that life was bringing. He really stepped up and got the other kids in school, cooked, cleaned and ran all the errands for the family.

“I refused to let my family suffer. I made sure that every action I made was intentionally directed towards giving them the support they needed.”

While waiting for his transplant Lincoln went through two episodes of cardiac arrest. After finally receiving the news that they had found a heart his family rejoiced thanking the donor and family for being an organ donor. Unfortunately while prepping for his big heart transplant Lincoln’s heart gave out and he passed away.


The doctors didn’t settle though, they did everything they could to try to bring Lincoln back to life. They immediately opened up the baby’s chest and started to pump his heart manually. After connecting Lincoln to a heart bypass machine they successfully brought him back. The procedure normally takes about two hours to complete but the doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital only took twelve minutes and it was a HUGE success.

Shortly after the procedure Lincoln received his new heart and is now happy and healthy. Mindy and Rob want to make sure that everyone, especially the organ donors family is thanked for their sacrifice. It’s never easy to lose someone you love, but to save another persons life because of it is such a beautiful thing.


Thank you to every organ donor out there. Thank you to Lincoln’s heart transplant donor. AND Thank you God for miracles!

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