Can You Find The Mistake In Less Than 6 Seconds?

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Ok, so I know that you think you’re about to find this like it’s no big deal, but I BET 90% of y’all are like me and it took at LEAST 20 seconds.


Still don’t have it?  Don’t be mad at yourself…you’re probably thinking “I’m usually so good at these problem-solving puzzles!”


Ok, so is it an optical illusion?  Still have you wondering….?


Give up yet?  It’s just a simple test of your observation skills.

Because you’re under the impression there is a mistake and numbers seem to show a pattern, you immediately begin to problem-solve under the assumption the ‘mistake’ is under the question.

Look ONE MORE TIME before scrolling down…




The word “the” is repeated. That is all.


Stay tuned for more fun teasers!

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