5 Make Up Tips That Every Older Woman Should Know


These 10 make-up tips for older women will change your life! And make you look younger!

Unfortunately, as we age our bodies age with us. This means that some hair loss, wrinkles and even discoloration come with it.

So, we’ve found 10 easy tricks and tips to help cover up these problems and help you feel as beautiful as you truly are!

#1 Lengthening Mascara vs. Thickening Mascara

With age it’s inevitable that your lashes become more weak and thin. Many say that you should use thickening mascara to to make your lashes more full and beautiful. The truth is that your lashes will have trouble holding up the thickness.

Plus, thickening can make them look heavier, instead of light, long and beautiful. Always go with lengthening! It helps your eyes look younger.


#2 Bye Bye Flat Lashes – Use An Eyelash Curler!

With age, your lashes also flatten. This is why a simple eyelash curler can be a game changer for you. It will make them seem bigger and happier!


#3 Say Adios To Those Heavy Bags! Use Liquid Concealers!

We all know that those bags under our eyes are NOT designer. This is why we don’t necessarily love showing them off. Which is why you should choose to use a liquid concealer to help cover them up.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to choose the wrong concealer and end up drawing more attention to the area. So, make sure that you are choosing a light weight concealer that won’t look cake. You want it to seem natural!


#4 Show Off Your Brows – Fill In Those Babes

The key to all of this is to help exaggerate your natural self. You don’t want to cover up your natural beauty you just want to help it come out.

A way to do this is by making your eyebrows a little thicker. Thin eyebrows can really show aging, but adding a little pop will exude younger looks.

The key is to use a shade lighter than your natural coloring. Of course, if you are a blonde, you want a little bit darker of a shade. Just make soft and light strokes to help give your brow a little more definition. The difference is incredible!



#5 Add Some Highlights – You Won’t Regret It

Last but not least, add some dimension to your face. Bring out those cheekbones! It will help bring out those features, and help you look so much younger! No one wants to look like they have a flat face!

It brightens up your face too, which always makes one look younger!



Hope this helps! Share with all of your girlfriends!! Xoxo

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