This Guy Just Revealed How To Never Pay For Shoes Again, I’m Doing This ASAP


This shoe hack has me never wanting to buy new shoes again! I had no idea you could do this!

If you are a shoe lover or a runner you are going to be in heaven after the latest shoe hack that was just released. A Reddit user by the name of PartyxDirtyDan just shared his secret to making his old shoes look new in moments and it has us all going crazy. I am going to try this today!

If you have a pair athletic sneakers, you know that the foam on the bottom can get worn down after a while of wearing them. Now, with PartyxDirtyDan’s dirty trick you never have to worry about your shoes looking old again. And I don’t mean a trip to the mall to buy new ones…


1. Blow Dryer
2. Your old shoes

The trick is to hold the blow-dryer onto the creased sneaker foam for about a minute. Of course you hold it over each section for a minute to make it all look even, and it is said to reduce creases from routine wear.

“Switch off on the areas you work on to make sure you don’t melt the glue on the outsole and upper,” he writes, explaining that he used the approach on his Acronym Prestos. “I just did a few rounds on each spot and it turned out great.”

There is one thing you DON’T want to do during the process and that’s to touch the foam. If you touch the foam while it’s still hot you can leave your fingerprint in it and that just defeats the whole purpose of what you’re doing.

“Heat does all the work,” he writes. “Just watch the creases disappear.”

Check out his before and after in the photos below, this is so crazy!

Tried using a blow dryer on my Acronym Prestos after seeing the post about un-creasing NMD blocks. Worked great!

I’ve never heard about this, but i’m trying it ASAP!!!

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