All He Did Was Put Condensed Milk In Boiler Water, Just A Minute Later? WHOA!


I have always loved learning new recipes and tricks for the kitchen, and this one might just be my favorite!

With the holiday season in full affect there is so much cooking and baking going on. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to find all of the ingredients that you need at the grocery store and you don’t want to run around to five different places to find it.

This is when I love learning new tips and tricks! This one below teaches how to make CARAMEL with a can of condensed milk. It sounds wild and a little unbelievable but this guy just did it for all of us to see and he taught us how to do it too! Not only is it hard to find ingredients but sometimes they are so expensive too!

Usually a can of caramel can be from 6-8 dollars, but with this trick you’ll only need about 2 dollars! Check out the steps from Todd below, and if you can watch the video because it is amazing!

What you need:

– A deep pot
– Water
– A can of condensed milk

Step 1: Boil water in a DEEP pot on the stove.

You don’t want to use a shallow pot because you need the condensed milk can to be covered at all times.


Step 2: Peel label off of condensed milk can


Step 3: Boil can for 3 hours (at a simmer setting)

The good news is that you don’t have to just do one at a time! You can boil as many cans that fit in your pot! If the can is exposed to air at all during this time it can explode – MAKE SURE IT STAYS COVERED WITH WATER.


Step 4: Let cool overnight (or 6-8 hours)


Step 5: Open up and ENJOY!!!


Check out the full video below:

This is GENIUS! Share with everyone you know!

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