He’s A Snow-Plowing Iraq War Vet, Now Keep Your Eye On His Wheelchair

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Many kind acts go unnoticed but I’m glad this didn’t.

War veteran Justin Anderson is a kind hearted man who is genuinely concerned for others well being. He proves that in every day actions, but he has officially gone the extra mile with this act of kindness.

Because of war, Anderson is bound to a wheel chair. Living in an area that has been affected by storm Jonas, Anderson decided to take action in assuring the safety of his neighbors. He’s so concerned that he “tricked out” his wheel chair and turned it into a snow plow to clear pathways and sidewalks that are covered in over a lot of snow.

“I don’t want kids and parents to slip or have to go tracing through the snow and possibly hurt themselves. The community here in Omaha has supported me immensely in my tough times with having my leg amputated and also my fight with brain cancer. So this is my way of giving back.”

This is truly heart touching!

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