20 Everyday Things You Had No Idea Had A Purpose, This Is MIND BLOWING


Have you ever noticed a random hole or hook on a device or everyday item and wondered what the heck it’s purpose is?

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing, like why is there an arrow on my gas gauge? Or maybe you’ve even wondered why there is a hole at the bottom of your pot and pan handles. Well, wonder know more because we have 24 everyday things that you never knew were there to make your life easier!

#1 The hole in the lid of a ballpoint pen


Many have believed for years that the hole in the top of a ballpoint pen cap is to keep the pen from drying out or to keep the pen from leaking, but they couldn’t be more wrong! The hole is actually there to prevent young children from suffocating in the case that they chew/swallow the cap. It keeps air flowing even if they accidentally swallow!

#2 Holes in the airplane windows


It’s one hole, but it serves several purposes. The first purpose of the tiny little hole is to help regulate air pressure so that the outside window doesn’t have to do all of the work. The second is to help keep the windows from fogging up.

#3 The extra fabric squares that come with new clothes


This one shocked me the most! I always thought it was for “patching” if needed, but the truth is that the manufacturer actually puts them with the clothing so you can see how certain detergents will affect your clothing.

#4 The mini pocket inside the pocket of your jeans


SURPRISE! Wonder no more, the mini pocket was created for those back in the day who would carry a pocket watch with them! Yup, a pocket special made for your pocket watch!

#5 Now for the random studs in my jeans….


The studs in the jeans are there to help strengthen areas with the most wear & tear. You’ll find them wherever there is usually more “stress” put on the jeans, like near the pockets!

#6 Holes in my Converse


Of course, many know the reason is for ventilation. That may not be the only one though, a lot of people believe that the holes are there since Converse All Stars were originally made to be worn as basketball shoes – so the laces could be looped through the holes for a tighter fit.

#7 Hole at the end of the tape measure


DUH! It’s to hook onto nails/screws so you don’t mess up your measurements!

#8 The rigged edge of the tape measure


You may think it was just for looks, but it’s actually to mark the wall when your hands are full. The edges can scrape the wall so you know where your measurement is.

#9 Why is there a hole at the end of my pot handle?


It’s there to make your cooking experience a breeze! You don’t even have to get your counter dirty with a spoon, just stick it in the hole!

#10 Why is there a hole in my pasta spoon?


Yes, it’s so the water will run through and strain the pasta, but did you know that it’s also the perfect size for a person’s portion of spaghetti??

#11 That arrow next to my gas gauge, yeah – what’s that for?


Are you ready for your life to be changed forever? The arrow points to the side that the gas tank is on so you never have to waste your time parking on the wrong side ever again when you fill up any car for gas!

#12 Zig Zags on bobby pins


The side with the zig zags goes towards the scalp to help hold the hair better.

#13 Hole in the bottom of a padlock


The hole serves many purposes. One is so water can drain out if you are using it outside – this keeps the lock from freezing or rusting if it gets submerged by water. It can also be used to oil the lock to ensure that it continues to work smoothly.

#14 Cylinder shared things on the ends of cables?


“They’re essentially just chunks of magnetic iron oxide that are there to suppress high-frequency electromagnetic interference.”

#15 Lines on my box cutter razor


The lines are there so if the blade wears out you can break it at the line and have a fresh new blade at hand!

#16 Squeeze bottle cap has a little spike on the top, but why?


If you flip the spike around and push it into the foil that is protecting inside of the bottle, it will easily break the seal for you to use the product!

#17 The little raised bumps on the keyboard of my computer


If you’ve ever taken a keyboarding class you probably know this already, but they are there so your fingers can find the “home” position on the keyboard without having to look down and replace your fingers.

#18 Why are there holes at the end of your rulers?


The holes are there so it is easier to hang the rulers 🙂

#19 My apply computer charger has wings?


YES! These little wings will save your life if you use them properly – look how clean those cords look! NO MESS!

#20 Why does my iPhone have a little black dot next to the camera?


The back dot is actually a microphone for when you use your outside camera!

#21 I bet you’ve been eating your Tic Tacs wrong this whole time


It’s true, the little ridge in the top of the cap is actually to dispense one Tic Tac at a time!

#22 The little plastic disc inside the lid of a plastic bottle


Mhm…it actually serves a huge purpose. The little plastic disc keeps everything inside of the bottle, the liquid and any carbonation that it holds.

#23 The blue side of my eraser


It is indeed used to erase pen ink, but only on thick paper. If you have ever tried to use it on regular thin paper, you probably created a huge hole – it really does work on thick paper though.

#24 My wine bottle has a huge dent in the bottom


This is actually a HUGE help. It helps with the pressure that the bottles go through when they are being corked. It helps distribute the pressure evenly so the bottle doesn’t burst.

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