4 Kids Got On Stage to Sing, Now Keep Your Eye On The One The Right…


This quartet of young boys put on a performance like i’ve never seen, I definitely wasn’t expecting this!

It’s finally Christmas time and people everywhere are getting into the Christmas spirit! Especially this quartet that performed “A Christmas Carol Of Love” at a large church.

The pastor of the church announced the quartet by saying that their bus had broken down outside, so he asked them to perform a Christmas song for everyone. Little did we know that it was going to be the most hilarious Christmas carol performance we have ever seen!

“There was a quartet bus that broke down out on Irvey street. Right out here. And the quartet is here, they want to sing – do we want them to sing? We WANT them to sing! This is an incredible opportunity, a quartet’s bus is broken down on Irvey street. Cmon in guys! Give this quartet a welcome here! Were in for a real treat!”

The four young boys walked out on to the stage and at first it seemed like they really were going to give a serious performance. It wasn’t until they started singing that the crowd bursted into laughter!

The boys were lip singing to a real grown man quartet and it was HILARIOUS! The boys were actually singing different parts of the song and the voices surprisingly matched their personalities! I was laughing so hard and started laughing even more after the kid on the far right started singing.

His voice was a deep manly bass voice and his motions were absolutely hilarious. It looked like he was actually singing which made it so much better! He was definitely my favorite! It was the crowds favorite too, because the second he started singing the crowd started laughing even harder than they were before!

Check out the full performance in the video below:

Every Christmas day, children sing on their way
Christmas Carols (Christmas Carols) of Perfect Love
As They sing Merrily, standing round the Christmas Tree
Christmas Carols (Christmas Carols) of Perfect Love

There’s a Chris… (A Merry Chris…)
…tmas Carol of love (A Merry, Merry Christmas)
Spreading joy (This Christmas Carol)
from heaven above (from heaven above)
Angels sing (Just hear them singing)
Hear the bells ring (They are all ringing)
Christmas Carols (Christmas Carols) of Perfect Love

This is so funny! Share with everyone you know and spread the Christmas cheer, and laughter! 🙂

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