Teens Everywhere Are Pretending To Be Pregnant, Here’s Why…


Teenage girls everywhere are pretending to be pregnant, and the reason why will blow your mind.

It all started with an 18 year old Modesto Junior College student in California. Priscilla Banuelos and her friends Alyssa Lopez, Angie Silveria, and Amador Costa went to a movie at Galaxy movie theater in Riverbank, California and pretended that they were months pregnant.


You might be thinking that these girls were pretending to be pregnant for some kind of special treatment, but that wasn’t it at all! The girls were actually pulling a prank and sneaking watermelon into the theater with them.

It’s pretty obvious that no movie theater is going to let you take a whole watermelon into the movie with you, and they really wanted to so they did!


The girls taped the fruit to their stomachs and pretended to be pregnant but no one knew that they actually had half of a watermelon taped to them. Once they got into the theater they untaped the watermelon and ate it.

The young girl and her friends said that the watermelon prank was actually inspired by a make up artist known as Bretman Rock.

The young girls tweeted all of their photos to Bretman Rock, and before they knew it they were famous! The tweet that she posted has gone viral and now people all over the internet are getting a kick out of it.

Priscilla said that they used saran wrap and duct take to hold the melons in place and to keep the juice from spilling. They even hollowed out one of the watermelons so that way they could sneak other snacks into the theater without being caught!


Banuelos says that everyone was staring at the girls and some even came up to them to ask them what the gender of the baby was. Not only that, but when they were done they couldn’t find any trashcans to throw away the fruit in.

“I was getting so many stares, it was ridiculous,” Banuelos said. “Even some people came up to us and said, ‘Oh, what’s the gender…There weren’t any trash cans in the movie theater and I wasn’t about to walk out with a huge watermelon…we didn’t leave a sticky mess or anything like that.”

Unfortunately one guy wasn’t too crazy about the idea after having to be on clean up duty at the theater…


The girls were all going to be separating when school starts back in the fall and they thought this was the perfect prank to end the summer with a bang!!


This is hilarious! I LOVE IT!

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