Months After Cancer Hit This Mom, A Terrifying Tragedy Hits, Please PRAY For This Family

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Unfortunately in life we aren’t allowed to choose the trials that come our way, but what we can choose is how we respond to them.

Lauren Kuehn is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and most of all she is a hero. This woman is one of the most life-giving, selfless and inspiring people that I have ever met. There are truly no words to describe the impact that her life has had on not only those who have met her, but also those who haven’t. She is a warrior both physically and spiritually, and her love for God and people is unmatched. This is only the beginning of how amazing she truly is though.

About two months ago Lauren’s world was completely shaken after a scary ambulance ride. She was experiencing severe pain in her chest and was rushed to the emergency room. This is where it all changed. Lauren was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She later found out that the cancer had spread through her bones and was now in other parts of her body.

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Although the doctor’s report was terrifying, it didn’t stop her from TRUSTING IN GOD. She hasn’t allowed her current situation to make her bitter, but she has used it as fuel to her faith! Lauren has been back and forth to the Cancer Treatment Center of Atlanta where they have been doing everything they can to help her. Her brother started a Go-Fund Me for her, and she has also started updating her loved ones on her trips and condition.  Her most recent blog post left me SPEECHLESS.

This amazing woman has been meeting so many sick people while receiving treatment, but it hasn’t discouraged her at all. Lauren has had to be miles and miles away from her four children to get the treatment that her body needs. If you’re a mother, you understand the pain that this can cause to you, but she has trusted God to comfort them all and He HAS! As much as she loves and misses her family, she hasn’t complained about her circumstances but has used them to make a difference saying that she hopes the faith of others is encouraged by her story.


This incredible woman has used her place in this cancer treatment to bring HOPE and LIFE to those around her who feel completely hopeless. Instead of sitting and asking God “why” over and over again she has been ministering to others, praying for them and sharing the hope of Jesus. She even recently shared on her blog that her eyes have been opened to the heart of God…

“God has opened my eyes to His heart so much through this process.

I begin to understand how Jesus felt as He walked the earth and He healed everyone who came to Him because there was such compassion that overwhelmed Him when He saw such suffering with His own eyes.”

Cancer isn’t the only battle that this family has had to face though. Only a couple of short months after her cancer diagnosis, her brother passed away unexpectedly. As if cancer wasn’t enough to try to take out this family, they lost a loved one. This has all happened within a two month period, but even now after losing her brother she hasn’t allowed it to shake her faith. NOT FOR A MOMENT.

The best picture I got from our weekend together. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much with you, babe???? I can face anything with you by my side! ???? you are my favorite.
The best picture I got from our weekend together. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much with you, babe! I can face anything with you by my side! you are my favorite.

This family has TRULY put all of their hope and faith in God, and He has given them the strength to keep moving forward. Lauren Kuehn, in the middle of a battle for her life sang at her brother’s funeral just a couple of days ago. Her and her husband accompanied by a band sang “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton.

Watch her sing at her brother’s funeral…this is INCREDIBLE:

If you are inspired by Lauren and her story check out her GoFund Me page HERE for health updates and donation options.

Wow! YOU ARE MY HERO LAUREN KUEHN! Please be praying for Lauren and her family during this time!

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