Single Mom With 4 Kids Can’t Afford Groceries, Now Watch The Guy Behind Her

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This has to be one of the most touching things that I have seen in a while.

Lately it’s been really easy to think about all of the people in this world who do terrible things. We hear about robberies or shootings or even people who just tear down others all of the time.

What we don’t hear a lot of these days is stories about all of the GOOD people in this world. I know it’s hard to think that there are actually good people in the world, but there really is and the video below PROVES it! This literally brought me to tears.

On a TV series called “What Would You Do?” they hid a camera to see how others would react to a single mom or dad who couldn’t afford her groceries. The response of this man absolutely blew me away, I almost couldn’t believe that someone would do this!

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We hear about these stories all of the time on Facebook and other social media outlets, and we all think that we would react a certain way if we found ourselves in that specific scenario. The truth is, that some people really don’t have the heart to help others in need.

They placed hidden cameras all over the store and hired actors to play the part of a single mother or father. The cashiers are all also actresses.

The actresses would go up to the cash register, and they wouldn’t have enough funds to pay for their food. They would either ask the cashier to run their cards again or ask them to take out several items. Then the cameras would show the people in line behind them to show their reactions.

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It was amazing to see how many generous and loving people there really is in this world. They even threw in an extra actor to bash the women who weren’t able to pay for their groceries, and the other customers even stood up for her.

Many of the customers said they had been in similar situations before and now that they have the money they want to help someone else in need, because they know what that woman is going through trying to provide for her family. Watching this video was truly life changing.

Watch it all in the video below:

This is truly so beautiful! Remember, if you can help someone in need you should. SHARE this with everyone you know and encourage everyone to always PAY IT FORWARD.

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