BREAKING: Scientists Are FREAKING Out And Warning Everyone, This Has Never Happened Before


Scientists all over the world are baffled and mind blown after witnessing something that has never happened before.

Many say that the world is ending, but no one is quite sure what it actually means. Scientists are speechless and have no explanation after witnessing groups of humpback wales over 200 large.

For those who aren’t really that familiar with humpback whales, they are usually content with being solo. In fact if a scientist witnessed a group of 10 to 20 whales they would consider it a fairly “large” group. This is why many are freaking out after seeing hundreds of whales congregating off the coast of South Africa.

Of course, this proves that something fishy (literally) is going on but no one can pinpoint exactly what it is. And the fact that the whales are in that specific area in the first place is a HUGE deal, aside from the fact that they are forming into these giant groups. filled us in on some facts about the whales and it makes it even more odd to see the whales in this specific area. Could this mean that the end of the world is near!?!?!

“Humpbacks migrate up to tropical waters to breed, but they typically feed down south in the icy waters of Antarctica this time of year. Yet scientific expeditions keep seeing these super-pods (not to be confused with super PACs, which are equally giant but much more dangerous), which were finally compiled and published at the beginning of March in the journal PLOSone.”

As of right now all scientists know is that this is extremely unusual and there has to be a reason behind all of it. They reported that most of the whales in the South Africa area are fairly young, and are wondering what all of the fuss is about.

Everything about the situation has scientists stumped and in awe. Hopefully this doesn’t mean anything too crazy and they are just confused!

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