Days After Their Baby Was Born, Hospital Makes HUGE Mistake And Cremates…


Hospital makes huge mistake and cremates couple’s newborn baby on accident.

I have to say that i’ve heard some pretty crazy stories in my life, but I don’t think that i’ve ever heard one like this. Anthony Meyers and Stella Pirko are a couple in Sydney, Australia that is now looking searching for answers after their baby was accidentally cremated.

The baby was NOT alive, but the hospital still made a huge mistake by cremating her. Pirko was induced at 28 weeks after doctors diagnosed that her daughter had an enlarged bladder. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it and was a still birth.

The couple had so many questions about what happened to their baby girl and they were wanting an autopsy and genetic testing hoping that they would get some answers from it. They were absolutely devastated and heartbroken when they found out that Liverpool Hospital had accidentally sent their daughter to a funeral home for cremation instead of to get an autopsy.

Apparently the baby was left in the morgue for nine days before she was wrongly sent to the funeral home. I can’t imagine the frustration and confusion that these parents must be feeling. It was also reported that the same physician who dealt with the couples wish to get further testing was also the one who “authorized the cremation when he knew the post-mortem hadn’t been done.”

“I came home, I was suffering … I was a mother without a baby and it was so hard. It has impacted our lives, in a dramatic and horrific way.” Pirko told Nine News ““We trusted them to do their jobs — to find out what happened to our baby. We cannot fathom how this happened…”


This is absolutely devastating! Please say a prayer for this family in the comments below. I can’t believe this happened.

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