If You Ever Stay In A Hotel You Need To See This Video, This Is Absolutely DISGUSTING


If you travel a lot you need to see this video ASAP. I can’t believe this…

Have you ever known someone who is scared to sleep in hotel beds? It seems like they may have a valid argument for that after the Inside Edition did some hotel investigating.

There has been an ongoing question about whether or not hotels are sanitary, or unsanitary. They conducted an investigation of nine different hotel chains to see if their bed prepping was up to par.

First, they had an individual check into a hotel one night. Next, they had the individual use a stencil to “invisibly” mark the bed in the hotel room.

Washable blacklight reactive spray paint was sprayed onto the bed and then they staged the bed to look like it had been slept in. This is the universal sign for a housekeeper to completely change the sheets on the hotel bed.

Did you ever think they may not really change the sheets? Apparently, if the sheets don’t look too dirty they like to just remake the bed using the same sheets.

The next day, a new individual was sent in to check in under a different name. They made sure to check into the same exact room as the person who was their the night before to mark the sheets.

When the new guest arrived to the same hotel room they took out a blacklight to check the sheets. The truth was absolutely disgusting.

Although they had no idea that the guest was checking the sheets, the housekeepers didn’t change the bedding. They only remade the beds to look as though they hadn’t been slept in the night before.

The same investigation was performed at many different hotels and repeatedly the managers tried to avoid the situation, and the housekeepers denied the fact that it was the same set of sheets.

This is disgusting!!!

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