A Massive Blob Just Washed Up On This Beach, I Will Never Get In The Ocean Again


Huge blob washes up on the shore…after finding out what it was I will never hop in the ocean again.

A massive blob washed up on the shore in the Philippines and it has people all over the world freaking out. Huffington Post reported the news saying that it looked like a giant hairy blob.

“Some suggested it looked like a huge Shih Tzu, or even Appa, a fictional character from the animated TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

At first no one could tell exactly what it was, but recently scientist came to the conclusion that it is actually just a huge carcass. They reported that it is a 20 foot long whale carcass weighing around 2,000 kilograms.

Apparently the whale washed up to the shore right after a “deadly earthquake” struck nearby. Reports are saying that this whale wasn’t the only carcass that has found its way to the shore either.

Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy posted a photo of the strange carcass washed up on the shore and it went viral. People all over the world have been sharing it over 100,000 times and it honestly freaks me out a little bit.

“The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources told the SunStar, a local paper, the body of the whale is already in the advanced stage of decomposition.”

Since the whale is already in the decomposition stage, researchers say that it is almost impossible to know exactly what species of whale the carcass really is.

“It is uncertain as to what particular whale species due to its advance decomposition,”

And although the whale photo was the only one that went viral, it wasn’t the first unusual creature that has washed up to the shore recently. Just a few weeks ago a dead oarfish was found washed up on the shore. This is a species that is very rarely seen near the coast, so that was pretty mesmerizing too.

This is so crazy! And creepy…

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