If You See A Coin On Someone’s Gravestone, Here’s What It Means…


I had no idea that this is what it means when someone leaves a coin on a gravesite!

It all started when a worker at the National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan started to notice coins on top of gravesites. His name is Dave Malenfant and after noticing the coins day in and day out he decided that he was going to investigate it and find out what it was for.

One thing he did notice was that the coins were only on the gravestones of the fallen soldiers. So he took some pictures of the headstones and did his own personal research to see if he could find the meaning behind putting the coins on the fallen soldiers gravestones.

After some investigating he came to find out a very special meaning behind the coins and he shared it with everyone on his Facebook account. Apparently the coins are placed on the fallen soldiers gravestones by other soldiers who served, knew the fallen soldier or even watched the fallen soldier die.

“While “Cleaning of the Stones” at the National Cemetery in Holly. I noticed a quarter placed on one of the stones. Later I also noticed a nickel placed on another,stone, I was so touched with this that I took pictures. (sorry the nickel did not turn out) I googled about the coins, and found this out. I am very proud to share this. A coin left on a headstone lets the deceased soldiers family know that somebody stopped by to pay their respect. Leaving a penny means you visited.”

Malenfant went on to explain the difference between the nickel, dime and quarter if it is placed on the stone as well. A quarter is a very special one and it means a lot to the families who lost their loved one in battle.

“A nickel means that you and the deceased soldier trained at boot camp together. If you served with the soldier, you leave a dime. A quarter is very significant because it means that you were there when that soldier died.”

I had no idea that this is what these coins meant when left on a gravestone! I love that people around the world are paying respect to their fellow soldiers and are not only going to visit them, but they are letting the fallen soldier’s family know that someone out there is supporting them.

This is so amazing!

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