If You Use This Toothpaste, Throw It Out ASAP, The Reason Is HORRIFYING


I never knew that a toothpaste could be so risky to use, this is insane.

It was recently announced by the FDA that they were going to put a ban on anti-bacterial soap because the soap contains an ingredient known as triclosan. Although they feel that the ingredient may be harmful to the outside of your skin apparently they don’t feel like it’s harmful to digest the ingredient.

This ingredient is used in many cleaning supplies such as TIDE laundry detergent, but would it surprise you if I told you that the FDA is allowing the ingredient to be in your TOOTHPASTE??


Colgate Total has this same active ingredient in it and I guess they aren’t too worried about consumers putting it in their mouths, they are only worried about it going on their skin? This can’t be right!

An FDA spokesperson says that the ingredient is effective in reducing the risk of plaque and gingivitis. Not only that but the risk and the benefit for the product is favorable.

“Based on scientific evidence, the balance of benefit and risk is favorable for these products.”
– Andrea Fischer, FDA Spokesperson

Many have started to speak up about the recall of antibacterial hand soap, but not the toothpaste. A man by the name of Rolf Halden, who is a director for environmental security at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University was one of them. Halden was utterly confused saying that the ingredient is being banned from soaps where only a small amount gets on the body, but it’s not being banned from toothpaste where “chemicals get rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.”

The Natural Resource Defense Council has also spoken out on the dangers that the chemical can impose on an individual wether it is outside of the body or in the mouth.

“The dangers of triclosan (and a related antibacterial chemical, triclocarban) are many. For starters, it’s an endocrine disruptor, meaning it interferes with important hormone functions, which can directly affect the brain in addition to our immune and reproductive systems. Specifically, the chemical disturbs thyroid, testosterone, and estrogen regulation, which can create a host of issues including early puberty, poor sperm quality, infertility, obesity, and cancer. Studies have also shown it can lead to impaired learning and memory, exacerbate allergies, and weaken muscle function. The impacts of prolonged exposure during fetal development, infancy, and childhood can be particularly severe, resulting in permanent damage.”


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