This Is Why You Never Throw A Lit Match Into Huge Box Of Fireworks

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Every year many americans become extremely excited when 4th of July rolls around, but little do we ever take into consideration just how dangerous of a holiday it can become.

Every year millions of American take part in 4th of July festivities. There are swim parties, grill outs, and get togethers around the nation in order to celebrate the unity and freedom of our country. (Oh the irony.)

What most people look forward to, however, are the fireworks involved. There are thousands upon thousands of firework displays that go on the entire weekend of 4th of July. But either before or after the shows, most people take matters into their own hands and have their own version of fun with these colorful explosive devises.

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That’s when the real danger takes place. Anyone and everyone can go to the local firework stand and pick out anything they desire. From huge fireworks that shoot hundreds of feet up in the sky, to small devices such as roman candles and sparklers.

4th of July is all together an unsafe holiday. Granted, there are some cases where unfortunate accidents happen, but for the most part people just don’t know what safety really is. Or they just don’t care. Some choose to operate these explosives while being completely under the influence by some type of alcohol.

That mixture of irresponsibility adds up to be a dangerous if not deadly holiday. And there are videos to prove it. Like this video below. A family decided to light off some roman candles and such right in front of their home. Carelessly they left a box full of large fireworks sitting around close to where the other fireworks were being lit.

One careless throw of a match caused the whole box to be lit off, and the sight was NOT pretty. Watch for yourself.

What a disaster!!!! These kind of mishaps occur more than any of us think during this holiday. It raises the question as to why or how some people buy these fireworks.

I’m all for having some fun with the small stuff, but leave the large stuff to professionals. That way no one gets hurt, or worse, killed.

We’re glad that no one was horribly injured during this mishap. Hopefully this family, along with many other families, will be more careful after such a horrible sight as this.

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