WARNING: People Injecting HIV Blood Into Bananas, This Is SICK

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It’s saddening to think about, but it seems that even our food isn’t safe for us to eat anymore.

We’ve heard of some insane things happening to people’s food, but our latest finding has to be the most disgusting thing we’ve ever heard. It is apparent that the fruit that we purchase from the superstore is not safe anymore.


Just in the month of March there were 8 children diagnosed with HIV, all supposedly eating a banana from a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart just days before. Mothers of these children were horribly fearful after their children started showing side effects such as fatigue, chills, rashes, mouth sores, etc. All of these children are under the age of 17.

The rumors were fueled even more after pictures were released of bananas with spots in them that looked like blood. It was from that that people started thinking that HIV infected blood was injected into bananas. Those bananas were supposedly tested for HIV where the results came back positive.


This thought has filled many people with fear for their children and their own well being. How could this be that people can’t even feel safety while trying to eat healthy?

Apparently there has been a huge recall on bananas coming from India due to some bananas from that area being injected with the virus. There were an estimated 2 million bananas affected by this disease and were supposedly injected prior to their arrival in the U.S.

Because of that announcement, there were many stores who took their bananas off their shelves. To these stores, it’s just not worth the risk. Especially if there are possible lawsuits at hand to be filed.

But how much truth is behind all of this? As we’ve done research, there’s evidence for both outlooks of this story. It’s hard to choose which side to believe, seeing that there is evidence to believe that this story may or may not be true.

According to Dr. Bob Frascino, anyone who believes this rumor is simply stupid!

“So you’re worried that folks who test HIV positive “lose moral control” and inject blood into bananas? Dude, tell me you’re kidding. Please tell me you’re kidding. Because if you’re not kidding, I’ll have to assume you’re a looney tunes fluffernutter. Yep, totally bat-sh*t crazy. Your blood-banana paranoia is too bizarre to even qualify for urban legend status.”

This doctor makes quite a good point. So with that being said, what do we truly believe? It’s hard to know anymore.

The best thing we can do is pray. Pray for our well being, along with our families. 


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