BREAKING: ISIS Just Attacked Americans With Chemical Attack


ISIS sends chemical attack on American’s, this is so scary! Please pray…

RightWingNews just reported that unfortunately, Syrians aren’t the only ones in danger of ISIS and their chemical attacks. According to the news column some American’s “found themselves under attack from the same chemical weapons terrorizing others in Iraq.”

Apparently the attacks were on Iraqi, U.S. and Australian troops that were stationed all in the same area on Sunday, but thankfully as of now none of the U.S troops were said to have any serious or life-threatening injuries from the attack.

It seems like the Iraqi troops got the worst of it because reports state that about 25 Iraqi units that required emergency treatment after the attack hit. The news report stated that this wasn’t the first attack on American troops either.

There have been several over the past couple of weeks and it is absolutely terrifying to think about.

“Now, to help defend against future attacks, two officers of the Army have stated that they will be issuing gas masks. ISIS launched their first attack with a gas agent earlier last Saturday, reportedly it was a rocket FULL of chlorine.”

Young Conservatives also reported the issue after Coalition spokesman Air Force Colonel John Dorrian spoke with BBC saying that this has been a very slow and very hard fight for all of them.

“The fight’s been very, very slow and very, very hard… it’s gut-busting.”

U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Lise Grande also spoke saying that many are still trapped and that it is absolutely horrifying to see the conditions that they are in right now. This is so heartbreaking.

“Civilians in Mosul face incredible, terrifying risks,” U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Lise Grande said. “They are being shot at, there are artillery barrages, families are running out of supplies, medicines are scarce and water is cut-off,” she added



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