REPORT: 16-Year Old Girl Found Lifeless In Bathroom At Starbucks, The Cause Of Death…


16-year-old girl’s body found in a Starbucks bathroom, this is horrifying!

The last thing you want to find when you walk into a public restroom is the body of a dead 16-year-old. Unfortunately, that was the case for a Starbucks employee in British Columbia who walked into the bathroom to find the lifeless body.

According to Rightwingnews, emergency responders were called immediately but were unable to revive the young girl. The worst part about it all was that there were drugs next to her on the floor, clearly showing that she had an overdose in the bathroom.

The girl identified as Gwynevere Staddon, had been struggling with drug addiction for quite a while leading up to this point. Her mother says that she was trying to do everything she could to help her but that nothing was working.

Reports say that Gwynevere stopped using drugs for about three weeks before the overdose…

“I’ve quit, so I’m OK now, Mom,”

Her mother Veronica shared that the drugs just wouldn’t stay away from her and that this “one last time” truly did turn into her last time and it has left her entire family in devastation.

“It was calling out her name, and so she thought, ‘One more time.’ The one more time was the very last time.”

Apparently Veronica had tried several times to get her daughter into drug rehab but the wait lists were incredible long and private help was just way to expensive for her to afford. She said “If I don’t have $50,000 available, then they are not something I can use as a resource,” which meant that things were hopeless for her and her family.

Now, they will no longer see Gwyn again because of the overdose. Please keep them in your prayers as they mourn…

“My best friend, my daughter, my sweetheart baby … I will never stop missing you,” she wrote on Facebook. “My heart won’t stop breaking.”



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