REPORT: College On Lockdown After Four People Were Stabbed, 1 Dead More In Serious Condition


Four people stabbed on a college campus, one has been announced dead. This is so scary!

A friend of mine who is a student at University of Texas in Austin posted about the stabbing saying “You never think that something like this would happen at your school.” This was the case for many students after their campus was marked off with caution tape, some of them actually witnessing the stabbings that took place.

According to Yahoo! the man went on a stabbing spree with a “large hunting knife”. He was thought to had been enrolled at the school at the time, and he stabbed four others who were believed to be students as well.


One of the students died from the stab and three others are in critical condition after the stabbing. The suspect of the stabbing was a man by the name of Kendrex White, who was “apprehended about two minutes after campus police received reports of the attack.”

Austin police Chief David Carter released a statement saying that they are still unsure what the motivation was behind the attack.

“I don’t know what his motivation is,” University of Texas at Austin Police Chief David Carter told a news conference.

Although they didn’t release any names of the victims they did share that all four were males between the age 20-21. The campus is absolutely devastated and this tragedy will forever hurt the hearts of those at University of Texas.

University President and many others released statements regarding the attack sharing just how devastated and heartbroken the entire campus truly is. Even the Texas Governer shared a statement sharing his condolences.

“Earlier this afternoon, a tragedy struck the heart of the University of Texas campus,” University President Gregory Fenves told the news conference.

“Our prayers go out to all those affected by today’s tragic events,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement.

This is absolutely heartbreaking…please pray for all affected….

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