Tesla AutoPilot Shows What it Can Really Do For Your Commute, Spoiler: It’s Awesome

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Tesla, run by the famous Elon Musk, is developing along with Google and Apple, a self-driving car. They are taking the first major step in the direction of consumer level self-driving cars.


This promo is opening up consumers eye’s to ‘Autopilot,’ Tesla’s newest feature shipping on the Model S. While the commercial doesn’t show the car driving itself, which is probably a smart move, it highlights parallel parking, and pulling out of a garage on it’s own.

Elon Musk has gone on record to be saying that Autopilot is a “super high priority” and now Tesla is making sure that everyone is aware of it. The idea of not having to talk your girlfriend for 5 stressful minutes through parallel parking.

Here is the full Tesla promo:

This new street technology only paves the way for fully automated transportation. But until Google, Apple, and Tesla can prove that it’s infallible it’s doubtful we’ll see it anytime soon.

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