BREAKING: A Mega-Earthquake Just Hammered United States


Residents in Oklahoma are still in shock after being hit by an unlikely earthquake.

Early this morning, around 7 AM, residents of Pawnee, OK woke up to a terrifying feeling. Everything around them was shifting as an earthquake struck.

The quake was measured a 5.8 on the richter scale and left plenty of damage across Oklahoma. Foundations were unsettled and some even fear that some houses were crumbled to the ground.

The interesting thing about this earthquake however, is that people in northern states felt it as well. There were reports from Chicago all the way to Dallas from people exclaiming they felt shaking too, which is a bit frightening!

Scientists are stating that since the quake happened on such soft ground, which explains why people felt it from hundreds of miles away.

Many concerned residents in OK posted photos of the aftermath to Twitter, and the results are rather eery.

Still in awe, residents reported that the quake lasted at least 20 seconds, which of course felt like hours! This is apparently the biggest quake to hit the state since 2011.

Many people were scared to say the least.

No injuries have been reported yet, but we will be updating if indeed there is more to this story.

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