WARNING: NASA Tracking Something MASSIVE Headed Straight For U.S.


Brace yourselves, this is something we could have never expected.

As we all know, it is hurricane season. Hurricane season starts at the beginning of June to the end of November. This year’s season however began 5 months before it’s official start, thanks to Hurricane Alex which formed in January.

This week is the beginning of what looks to be one of the most scariest hurricane seasons for Hawaii. On Tuesday, the National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning as the storm now known as Madeline flies closer and closer to the islands.

Residents have been urged to stock up on necessities such as water, canned food and batteries of numerous kinds as the storm is expected to make landfall in the next 36 hours.


This storm is expected to be worse than the tropical storm Iselle, which hit the islands in 2014. Because of that, residents are worried about the amount of trees that may be uprooted, which will could cost the state millions of dollars. And not to mention the safety of the residents.

Officials are worried that most residents won’t take this warning seriously. One resident in a local supermarket explained that sometimes, that’s just how residents react to these kinds of warnings.

“There’s always a lot of disbelief on the island that the storms will really be as big and bad as forecast.”

The only kicker about this storm is the fact that there’s another one directly behind it. That is now known as Hurricane Lester. Lester was recently spotted NASA’s ISS satellite and looks to be headed straight for Hawaii as well.

Of course hurricanes usually dissipate a bit before they make landfall, but Lester seems to be big enough to keep a great deal of power with it by the time it hits land.

This fact has many emergency officials very worried. They have issued several warnings to residents in Hawaii, wanting them to be prepared for a possible double hurricane hit.

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

Gov. David Ige was very clear as he issued an emergency proclamation for the possible double hit. An emergency proclamation allows the state to quickly spend money in order to alleviate disasters.

“I urge you to take immediate steps to protect your families, loved ones, employees and property.”

That’s simple enough! As both storms move closer and closer to the Island, emergency services are taking precautions. The U.S Coast Guard have asked all crews of barges and ships to prepare to leave Hilo Harbor and are closing the harbor by 8 p.m Tuesday evening.


We’re praying that both of these storms quickly die down and do not turn into the storms they are expected to be. 

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