Sony’s New Short Throw Projector Is The Home Tech We’ve All Been Waiting For

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Sony has some extremely exciting projects coming down the consumer pipeline this year. They dropped jaws at CES 2014 when they announced their Life Space UX range of home electronics. The vision they announced that day is coming to life this year.

Sony’s Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector will be hitting consumers this February in Japan and this Summer in the U.S.

The powerful device measures 3.19” x 5.16” x 5.16” (81mm x 131mm x 131mm) and a battery that lasts about 2 hours on a single full charge. It projects a 1366 x 768 image of 100 lumens between 22 and 80 inches diagonally. Sony integrated BlueTooth Low Energy so media can easily be streamed from a mobile device. Of course, there is a single HDMI input on it but can also be connected to by a wireless hub connected to your computer or current TV.

The interface concept from Sony is all about seamlessly integrating your home and technology. The idea that the most common valuable home technology can be hidden inside the normal necessary elements of a house was extremely intriguing when it was announced. Sony made some big claims in 2014 and we’re excited to see that they are delivering.

Perhaps the most gorgeous element to this project is the optional stand that doubles as a charging dock. It makes the projector look like a very modern pieces of furniture.


Here is Sony’s preview video for the great home-tech.

The list price currently is about ¥93,000 or $798, so it’s not for the feint of heart.

But for the ability to take your “T.V.” just about anywhere, or even where there’s no power for a couple hours? Maybe it’s worth it.

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