Facebook Announces Live Video Messaging, Who Needs FaceTime


Facebook has been working on a software to allow you to do live video chat in Facebook Messenger for quite sometime.

Late this week Facebook announced that you can now do live video Messenger conversations through the Messenger app. This will allow them to now compete in the same market as not only FaceTime but also SnapChat and Instagram as well.

Here is a brief example of the service below (hit play button to see it in action!):

When you open the messenger app on your smart phone it will give you the option to send a live message


The app gives you the ability to still have both Video and Text messaging at the same time

The video messaging can turn into a live call if the receiving person clicks the green video camera button

Facebook has once again stepped up to the plate and crushed it. Do you like the new feature or will you continue to use FaceTime and Skype..

I’m just wondering how long it will be before we have Facebook smart phones….

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