WARNING: If You Have A “SMART TV” You Need to Watch This ASAP


Owners of Smart TV’s are freaking out after the latest report of hackers watching them in their homes.

One of the most exciting things about technology improvements lately has been the idea of “smart tvs”. Basically they work as a computer and you are able to access the internet and just about anything else on them.

Many different brands have been coming out with their own kind of Smart Tv’s and they have been selling insane amounts. Unfortunately, it may not have been the best decision for many buyers after hearing about the latest hacker trick out there right now.

Apparently, hackers have found a way to hack any smart TV and watch the person watching the TV. So for instance, if you’re laying on your bed in your whitey tightys watching Netflix – someone could be watching you instead.


Basically what happens is that hackers are abusing the system and they can get into the camera that’s connected to the TV.

“This is something that we can do invisibly and actually have the camera running behind the webpage that you’re looking at…I could be sitting at a laptop in a cafe in Paris and as long as I have network connection I would be able to get into your TV and access your camera.”


One of the scariest things about this new hack trick is that the camera doesn’t have an LED light or any light for that matter to tell you if the camera is on. Hackers could be watching you and you would never even know that they were doing it.

“It’s a computer. So instead of just being a tube and some other electronics. Now it has a web browser. And it has a lot of devices are running lenox”

Not only is the camera a scary thing. But smart TV’s are making it easier for hackers to get into your bank accounts.

“The real danger is when people start using tv’s for things like online banking. We can take a popular bank address and transfer that into a different IP address. That directs to a site that we control.”

After having many concerns about this specific type of tv, Samsung has released a statement sharing how to prevent people from being watched in the comfort of their own homes. This is so scary, and I don’t think I could ever have a TV like this!

“The camera can be turned into the bezel of the TV so that the lens is covered, or disabled by pushing the camera inside the bezel. The TV owner can also unplug the TV from the home network when the SmartTV features are not in use. As an added precaution we also recommend that customers use encrypted wireless access points when using connected devices.”

Watch the full update below:


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