Greg Olsen Just Lost His Mind On This Reporter, This Got INTENSE!

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Last season stopped mattering at the end of the season.

Losing a Super Bowl is almost a guarantee of zero success the following year. Over the last decade or so, teams that lose the Super Bowl rarely make the playoffs let alone go deep.

But don’t ask Greg Olsen about last season, he is literally sick of hearing about it. After a heartbreaking loss to the Oakland Raiders where Carolina made several fourth quarter lapses, Olsen was asked about last season’s 15-1 record and Super Bowl appearance. “I think everyone is tired of comparing everything to last year,’’ Olsen said. “Last year is over. We have been saying that since the beginning of the year. We are done comparing everything to last year.’’

Carolina has dealt with injuries all season, Michael Oher, Ryan Kalil, Cam Newton and several other players missed at least one game. In addition, James Stewart is getting older and the team lost Josh Norman. The team needs a major reboot to get back to the post season next season and needs to stop discussing last season.

Is everyone too touchy about discussing last season, or are they focused properly on what is happening right here, right now?

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