Mike Tomlin Just Made A SHOCKING Confession About Big Ben’s Injury

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It might be too little, too late, but at least he’s taking responsibility.

All season Ben Roethlisberger has been hobbled by one injury or another. He’s missed one game this season, and has not really been healthy since the middle of the season.

Well, Roethlisberger took a serious hit at the end of the playoff game against the Miami Dolphins and Mike Tomlin took responsibility for leaving him in the game even though the outcome was all but decided. “I got a little over-aggressive there,” Tomlin said to ESPN. “It goes beyond taking the responsibility. I made the call. So don’t ask Todd (Haley) about it on Thursday. I made the call.”

Big Ben was wearing a boot after the game was over and both fans and media alike were taken aback by the sight. Roethlisberger was hit on his last play of the game with about 4 minutes and 30 seconds left and was in the game even though the score was already out of hand. The decision was even more questionable because Tomlin had already taken Le’Veon Bell out at that point to preserve him for the game against Kansas City.

Is Tomlin making some seriously bad calls, or could this have happened at any time?

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