A Jeff Gordon Fan Just Went Too Far, You Won’t Believe This…


NASCAR fans are incredibly passionate about their favorite drivers, but some fans take it way farther than anyone would ever expect.

We’ve heard some crazy stories, but the most interesting stories usually involve tattoos. And man, do we have a story for you!

On one end this story is crazy, but on another end, this story is absolutely heartwarming.

29 year old, Jesus Apolinar, grew up in a family that was all about Jeff Gordon. His father absolutely loved everything about Gordon, and that led to Apolinar loving Gordon as well.

Unfortunately, Apolinar’s father passed away. But his love for Gordon will live on forever, because Apolinar got a huge tattoo on his back of Jeff Gordon’s car, as well as a portrait of his father’s face. 

Apolinar got the attention of many in the NASCAR community and was recently interviewed about it. It was a big deal to him!

“Growing up, my dad was a big Jeff Gordon fan, and so I was, too. My dad had the decal, he had the work shirts and it just grew on me. We’d watch the race every Sunday, and that’s how we bonded. If it wasn’t the Spurs, it was NASCAR. So the tattoo is a tribute to my dad and the bond we had. Just the detail and the artwork that he did … you can actually see the Valvoline logo by the rear tire, it’s just incredible. I’m glad I didn’t think twice about it.”

Jeff Gordon even saw it and was absolutely amazed. Apolinar explained that sitting through that pain was him honoring both Gordon and his father.
“He thought it was awesome. Just the dedication to sit there through the pain, to do something to honor my dad and Jeff Gordon. He thought it was awesome.”
We are absolutely amazed by the skill and the way the tattoo turned out!
Maybe not something we’d ever commit to.. but props to Jesus! 
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