BREAKING: Dale Jr. Has Found A New Job For Next Season, I Can’t Believe He Did This


Dale Junior’s future seems to already be taken care of.… Are you surprised?

It’s incredibly normal to see NASCAR drivers retire from driving only to transition into broadcasting for the sport. Seems to be the next best thing for the drivers who know they shouldn’t be racing anymore but can’t stay away from the sport.

Clearly many of us have assumed that Dale Junior will follow that same path when he retires after this season. Simply because he is in that boat- he’s retiring because he knows it’s the right thing to do, but he is still deeply in love with the sport.

Although we all assumed that broadcasting would be his next career option, we haven’t heard any news about possible jobs or positions that he could be put in post season. That is until now!


The Sports Business Daily has reported that Dale Junior is in talks with both Fox and NBC, discussing his future as a broadcaster. This comes as a huge shock to all of the NASCAR community, seeing that Junior has yet to mention any interest in broadcasting.

You can’t blame the guy for trying to plan for his future. You have to be prepared!

And the NASCAR community completely supports whatever he chooses to do. Eric Shanks, FOX Sports President, COO & Executive Producer, released a statement regarding Junior’s future and his possible decision to be an analyst.

“Keeping Dale and ‘Junior Nation’ involved in the sport from week to week is good for NASCAR no matter how he chooses to stay connected after his racing career comes to an end. We wish him the best in whatever his next move may be.”

Junior is a huge asset to the sport of NASCAR and everyone knows it. He will be successful in whatever he chooses, but I honestly can’t believe that being an analyst may be his choice! 

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