BREAKING: Nascar Driver Shockingly Announces Immediate Retirement Out Of No Where


It is a shock to many as one of NASCAR’s beloved drivers announces immediate retirement.

It’s not very often that you will see a NASCAR driver announce their immediate retirement, which is why we were all taken back when when beloved Carl Edwards shared the news. USA Today, ESPN, and several other news outlets broke the big news and now we are all wondering WHY.

Edwards has been a longtime member of Joe Gibbs Racing Team, and will officially confirm his retirement in a scheduled press conference on Wednesday Jan. 11th. According to Fox Sports he will be leaving the sport immediately and they are saying he already has a replacement.


One of the many reasons we are all shocked that the 37-year-old driver is retiring is because he is at the height of his racing career. Even sports analysts are amazed at the decision and don’t understand why he would do this at this point in his career.

Apparently Edward’s team has already called for two separate press conferences. The only thing we can think of is that the first one is him announcing his immediate retirement, and the next to introduce his replacement. No one knows why Edwards has made this decision and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for tomorrow’s big conference.

Edwards has been a special part of NASCAR for over 13 years now, and we are hoping that he is only going to be out for a season or two. We would love to see him return to the track eventually, but we won’t know anything until tomorrow.

Brad Daugherty spoke with ESPN about Edwards departure and how many like himself are in total shock at the decision that has been made.

“I’m totally shocked. Carl Edwards is one of premier drivers in the series, he’s one of the premier competitors. He’s a guy that’s on the verge of winning a championship, multiple championships as I view it. He’s a unique individual, a unique character, but he is an excellent race car driver, driving for one of the most powerful teams in the sport. He is in the prime of his career, he almost won a championship this year…I am blown away and hoping and praying that this isn’t anything other than him wanting to walk away because he is in the prime of his career.”

This is so crazy! I hope things work out for Carl!

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