BREAKING: NASCAR Legend Dies From Pneumonia


NASCAR is mourning after hearing about the heartbreaking death of driving legend. He had pneumonia…

He was the first driver to win each of the Formula One, IndyCar and NASCAR Cup series. Unfortunately, Dan Gurney died Sunday from complications of pneumonia. He was 86 at the time of his death.

Dan’s wife confirmed the heartbreaking news sharing that he went with a smile on his face. Although her heart is broken, she was grateful for the time that she had with her husband here on the earth.

She continued to share that he was always so full of love and joy, and considered his time here on heart “Godspeed.” We are shocked and heartbroken to hear the news, but we know that he is in a better place now.

“With one last smile on his handsome face, Dan drove off into the unknown just before noon today,” a statement from his wife, Evi Gurney, read.

“In deepest sorrow, with gratitude in our hearts for the love and joy you have given us during your time on this earth, we say, ‘Godspeed.”

Dan was such a gift to everyone that knew him. Even in the NASCAR world he was such a light and an inspiration to many. We are heartbroken to hear about his death, but know that he lived a great life!

Gurney retired from driving in 1970 with 51 victories.

“When we talk about legendary American drivers, owners and car constructors on an international stage, Dan Gurney is one of the all-time greats,” Indianapolis Motor Speedway President J. Douglas Boles said in a statement. “His skill in all three areas helped him make an indelible mark and serve as a huge influence in this sport. Dan was a giant in the racing world, in every sense.”

Please continue to keep his family in your prayers during this time of mourning.


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