Carl Edwards Coming Back To Replace Longtime Racing Legend, Would He Really Do This


We haven’t heard much from Carl Edwards since he announced his retirement, but now there are new rumors are flying.

When Edwards announced that he would no longer be driving a race car in the sport of NASCAR, we automatically started to wonder what he was doing instead. But when asked, Edwards said he really didn’t have a plan. But he didn’t plan on doing ANYTHING very soon.

Still, rumors flew and many conjured up different paths he might take. A big possibility was politics. Edwards has always been passionate about politics, and he would possibly do well running for some type of office. But he turned that rumor down.


Now there’s a new rumor circulating… Could Edwards take long tim racing legend, Darrell Waltrip’s broadcasting position at FOX? That’s what Mike Harper, a columnist from Real Talk Radio, believes.

Here’s what he said in a recent article:

“With the exception of Jeff Gordon, FOX’s main race day personalities have been the same for years and with great sadness, because I am a fan of FOX and Darrell, I admit it is time for a change. I am not prepared to go push an age agenda as the writer did from the Bristol Herald Courier – but I will admit FOX has nothing to lose by moving Darrell Waltrip out of the booth. The ratings almost demand it. Darrell has earned his position at FOX and he may be better served operating in a secondary role – like sitting next to Chris Myers. Would FOX consider replacing Darrell with Carl Edwards? Carl is available and has worked with FOX before. He is really good in front of the camera and I believe he would mix it up with his opinions. FOX needs someone who will be edgy – who will not be afraid to dish out opinions, like when Darrell and his booth mates challenged drivers like Tony Stewart several years ago. I miss the battle of opinions during the event. It’s not done anymore – and this aspect of the broadcast is missing.”

Edwards never mentioned anything about broadcasting, but honestly, it’s not that far of a stretch of imagination. That’s what most retired race car drivers do.

But then again, it may be something Edwards wants nothing to do with. Upon his retirement announcement, Edwards explained that part of the reason he was calling it quits was the amount that NASCAR took over his life.

“This is an all‑encompassing thing. You guys, we do this, and it’s full‑time. And not just the physical time, but I wake up in the morning thinking about racing. I think about it all day. I go to bed thinking about it. And I have dreams about racing. And that’s just how it is. I’ve been doing that for 20 years, and I need to take that time right now and devote it to people and things that are important to me, things I’m really passionate about.”

It practically ran his mind 24/7, wouldn’t it be the same if he were to pursue broadcasting? Honestly, it’s hard to tell.

We know that we’d LOVE to see him in the booth giving his opinion! We’d give anything to see Carl back in NASCAR!

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