Carl Edwards Just Dropped A BOMB, I Can’t Believe It’s The End!


This announcement just completely caught us by surprise.

Carl Edwards has been racing in NASCAR for the past 14 years. He started in the Camping World Truck Series, moved into Xfinity and eventually went into racing int he premier series of NASCAR.

Edwards has had his ups and downs throughout the years, but he’s always proven himself to be a strong contender. He’s one of the most well known drivers in the sport of NASCAR.

Carl’s fans use words like “consistent” and “hard working” to define him. He’s never been one for social media or things of those sorts, he’s always been purely focused on racing and doing it well.

2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Daytona

FOX Sports just released breaking news however that is shattering ever Carl Edwards fan’s hopes. Word has been released that Edwards will not return to the track in 2017.

According to multiple sources, Edwards will not be returning to the track to focus on other endeavors besides racing. And it is rumored that he will be replaced by Daniel Suarez.

According to sources, this will not be looked at as a break. Edwards will be completely retiring from the sport.

This news absolutely comes out of nowhere, seeing that just in December he posted a video talking about how excited was for the 2017 season. There’s no word on exactly why he’s retiring so suddenly, but we know there are reasons by which we will hear about later.

We’re praying for Edwards throughout this time, and we’re eager to hear from JGR and Edwards themselves.

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