Dale Jr. Just Dropped Another Bombshell About Concussions In NASCAR, Could This End NASCAR


Dale Jr. is done shying away from any controversial topic if it could possibly help someone.

Dale Jr.’s life and career was flipped upside down last year after he suffered a concussion, lasting months. It was a scary ordeal, and it undoubtedly made him think hard about his future and what’s really worth it.

Ever since he was diagnosed and overcame his concussion, Junior has been anything but shy about concussions and the impact it can make on many lives and families.

Recently there was talk that NFL superstar quarterback, Tom Brady, had concussions but didn’t tell anyone. Junior heard that story and proceeded to say that there are definitely NASCAR drivers who do that, but no one could ever know.

He however could never wife it from his wife, Amy. Junior explained in an interview that Amy can automatically tell when something is wrong with him.

“I certainly could never hide it from Amy. She could see it. If you came home from work and you had a bad day or you were in a bad mood, how many seconds would it last before your wife or your husband says, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Once you walk into the house, it takes no time at all. That’s how it was with Amy. Any time I got hurt, she knew right away. She could look at me and tell right away by the look in my eyes.

He continued on about Amy, saying that she expressed the importance of his decision to return to the race track,and just his future in general. She helped him decide what was best.

“She was great about saying, ‘You have to do the smart thing here. This is nothing to play with. Think about your future.’ When you are concussed, first off, you don’t need to be making those decisions for yourself. Your judgment isn’t always going to be the best. So it’s great to have someone like her that’s going to see clearly what needs to happen next, who I need to talk to and who I need to get in front of. She was extremely helpful in that moment.”

That’s definitely something to admire about Amy! Keep up the advocacy, Junior! You’re changing lives! 

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