Dale Jr. Just Revealed The SHOCKING Truth About Aric Almirola’s Crash, This Is So Scary


Aric Almirola suffered one of the biggest hits on the track we’ve seen in quite some time.

Everyone was worried for Almirola’s life (as well as Danica Patrick’s and Joey Logano’s…) as we watched the fiery wreck unfold at Kansas Motor Speedway. It scared every driver on the track.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief when they heard Aric over the radio. Granted, he was screaming about his back hurting, BUT he was alive.


NASCAR’s main priority after getting Aric safely out of his car and in the care of doctors, is to figure out what happened to Aric’s car, and why it caused him to break his back.

Scott Miller, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition, explained this in an interview on Monday.

“Our safety experts will … look for anything that might give us clues or some indication of exactly what the challenge was there with Aric and his back. When we have these situations or even situations where someone doesn’t get hurt, we really like to investigate as best as possible into the accident and see how we can get better.”

Dale Jr. said that he talked with Aric on Wednesday and was asking him what he thought happened. After that, Dale Jr. HAD to share the shocking truth about Almirola’s crash.

“I talked to Aric (Wednesday) night and he said when his car went in the air, both rear springs fell out of the car so the car came back down and hit the frame. He said it was the highest recorded G-force vertically that they’ve ever seen. I can imagine that if the car slams down on the chassis.’’

This is so scary!!!! Can you imagine taking the highest recorded G-force straight to your body?

Man, are we glad Aric is OK! That could have turned out WAY worse. 

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