Dale Jr. Just Unveiled His New Car, This Is What We’ve All Been Waiting For


What Dale Jr. just revealed will make you incredibly excited for the summer!

We always love when Dale Jr. reveals his paint schemes, because they’re always so incredible. The attention to detail and creativity always leaves us astonished.

Next month at Kansas, Junior will be driving a Mountain Dew sponsored car. His paint scheme supports the colors of the American flag, but with a little mountain dew twist.

Junior was excited to share it with us all. This is what we’ve all been waiting for!!

Check out the @mountaindew ride for next month’s race at @kansasspeedway. #JRMPR

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In the recent months, Dale Jr. has actually expressed some opinions about America. When President Donald Trump announced a ban on certain immigrants, the public was in an uproar.

A fan on Twitter was distraught about it all because he himself was an immigrant. Junior, being as compassionate as he is, decided he needed to speak out. His family migrated from Germany, so he too is an immigrant of some sort.

America is created by immigrants. I felt like I wanted to show him some compassion and I looked at his profile and saw he was a NASCAR fan; I just felt like reaching out. I wasn’t trying to inject into a political conversation — I wasn’t trying to attempt to get a bunch of attention there. It just really is very very interesting what’s going on in the world considering all the research I did on my family tree. It’s just incredible and I read a lot of news. Try to stay on top every day of current events and not that I’m an expert or understand everything that’s happening in the world or has been going on but it just — I don’t know how I ran across that tweet, but it felt that guy needed somebody — he needed some compassion. Not that I understand what it feels like to be in that position but I certainly felt bad for the guy.”

It’s obvious that this paint scheme is important to Junior. Not only does it look awesome, it sends a message!

We love that Junior isn’t afraid to speak out and send a message! And that his sponsors help him in doing so! 

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