Danica Just Confirmed The Rumors About Her Retirement, I Can’t Believe This


The recent topic of conversation has been about Danica Patrick and how much longer she has in the sport of NASCAR.

Two things have been evident in the recent year or so in Danica’s life- she hasn’t progressed much as a driver, and she’s obtained multiple new business opportunities outside of racing. That seems like a perfect combination for retirement.


And recently when Danica has been asked about how much longer she’ll be racing, she doesn’t sound too sure about it at all. In fact, she even said that she’s very aware that she hasn’t progressed.

“As long as it’s fun — and it hasn’t been super fun lately. But every year I start the year, I always have hope that it’s going to be the year that things are going to click. I understand my career hasn’t progressed.”

If any driver, Danica may be the one most prepared for retirement. Her future is set up to be successful now regardless of if she drives race cars.

NASCAR fans haven’t been shy about expressing their opinions about Danica. She hasn’t progressed, and some are tired of seeing her on the track. And recently she spoke up bout her racing skills and what she thinks has happened.

“Maybe it’s regressed? Why is that? Am I worse driver than I was a couple of years ago? Probably not. I don’t think anybody gets worse. So it’s really a matter of all the factors around you.”

Earlier in the year when concussions were a big discussion, Danica said easily that she would retire if she were to obtain a serious injury such as what Dale Jr. obtained in the 2016 season. She mentioned that she loves too many other things to give it all up for racing.

“I would be out because I love what I do, but I love lots of other things and I also love life. I’m too young to have it be over. It was a good lesson for a lot of people and a good education.”

So, ultimately it looks like retirement is a huge possibility, even according to Danica herself.

“Sure. If I’m going to do all this and write a cookbook and a fitness program, I’ll take this as far as I can to motivate people to be successful. The program works. I know it works.”

She really doesn’t have much to lose. She’s obtained major recognition from her racing that will very likely carry over into any other business endeavor.

Do you think she’ll retire soon?? 

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