Danica Patrick Just Shared Shocking News About Her Career After NASCAR


After announcing her end to NASCAR and her new relationship, Danica Patrick just shared news that has us all in shock.

There has been  a lot of drama surrounding female driver Danica Patrick lately, and now even more. First we all found out that she was not going to get a sponsorship renewal and she announced the end of her time with NASCAR.

We were all a little shocked at the end of her longtime relationship with racing, but we were even more shocked when she ended her longtime relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. And that she was already in another relationship with a football player.

Now, she just shared more shocking news. She is definitely not going to be doing ANYTHING racing related, and it’s so surprising to everyone.

She recently sat down with CNBC’s Power Lunch to share about the end of her racing career. The driver shared that she is hoping to leave with a “bang” when her time is over.

We are all hoping the same, but it doesn’t look like she plans on ever returning to the sport. Instead, she has her eyes fixed on some other career goals.

She is just doing her first book release, Pretty Intense as a start. Although she will be racing the Daytona 500 and Indy 500 this year, those will be her final two races. 

Patrick continued to share that she is going to focus on her other businesses such as her vineyard, a line of activewear, and her fitness and lifestyle brand.

Although she’s been in the process of developing she doesn’t feel as though she has been able to give it all the proper attention that it deserves. If you know anything about Patrick besides racing, you know that she is a fitness guru.

“I made these businesses, but now I’m going to be able to get into them much deeper,” she said.

She even shared the idea of a cooking show.

I guess we will see where this all takes her!

Did you think she would completely leave racing???

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