Greg Biffle Just Took A Major Jab At Roush Fenway Racing, This Has To Hurt


Greg Biffle just showed us how much he doesn’t care!

2016 was nothing short of…interesting.. for Greg Biffle. After nearly 20 years with Roush Fenway Racing, Biffle parted ways with them after the season was over.

He explained in an interview that it was very much a mutual agreement between he and Jack Roush, and expressed that the relationship had “run it’s course”.

“It’s been a tough decision to make. I’ve kind of been faced with it several times throughout my career. … I felt like it had kind of run its course. I felt like it was time for me to move on and explore some other opportunities. I’ve enjoyed my time with Roush, and Jack (Roush) has meant a tremendous amount to me.”

Now Biffle’s career is completely up in the air. We’re sitting here on January 9th with no clue as to who Biffle might be driving with. So far, there’s been no word on any offers.

In the mean time, Biffle has has quite a bit of fun. In the latest patch of snowy weather, he decided to do a little sledding.

The interesting thing about the picture he posted was what they used to sled- the hood of his 3M sponsored No. 16 car he raced with at RFR.

Talk about a jab to the heart!

On the other hand, at least he’s getting some us out of it! We’re very eager see where Biffle ends up this 2017 season, or if he ends up anywhere at all. 

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