Jeff Hammond Just Dropped A BOMB On Why Edwards Is Retiring


We are all still very much in shock over Carl Edwards’ announcement of retirement.

Cal Edwards has always been known as the “good ole boy”. Meaning he has always been a respectable guy who has always had good sportsmanship.

He works hard at what he does and stays humble. Carl is also extremely private.

We rarely see pictures of his wife and kids, he has no social media and he’s never been likely to talk out of line. Carl is a simple guy who loves racing.


Which is a huge reason why we’re all so shocked by all of this. In most of our minds, Carl was gaining momentum and we were looking forward to him having a crazy successful year.

FOX reporter, Jeff Hammond, gave his two cents about this whole ordeal and brought up something that makes us all wonder even more.

“For whatever reason he elects to make a career change, or make a change in his personal life that affects his professional life, it’s going to have to be pretty monumental.It’s historical in nature, because this man is not a quitter. I just don’t think there are very many things that would sidetrack him.”

Of course he also mentioned Carl’s family and privacy. It has become evident over the years that Edwards hold his family in highest priority. Hence the reason we never see pictures of them. He cares about their privacy and well being.

“I do know his family is a very high priority. He’s very protective of them and doesn’t let his children appear in any articles. He keeps them very much off the radar. I think he’s that protective of them and that proud of them.”

Hammond ended on a not-so-positive note however. He dropped quite the bomb with his closing statement.

“Whatever’s going on in his world right now, it’s not spinning forwards, it’s spinning backwards.”

This has us wondering what’s REALLY going on in Carl’s world then. Is there something he’s not telling us?

We will find out in due time. In the meanwhile, we’re praying for Carl that he would have complete peace with this decision. After all, it’s HIS life! 

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