Jimmie Johnson Just Delivered A Major Blow To Kyle Busch’s Ego


2016 didn’t end quite the way Kyle Busch was intending on it to end.

There was quite a bit of momentum going for Kyle Busch as he entered the 2016 Chase. Coming out of a great season in 2015, we all were wondering if Busch could for for a second title win in a row.

He got to the championship 4, only to be beaten out by one of the greatest drivers in our time, Jimmie Johnson. But who could be mad about that? Jimmie was definitely deserving of that seventh title.

Apparently that’s how Kyle Busch and his wife, Samantha, are looking at it as well. It was a blow to Kyle’s ego, but honestly who wouldn’t want to be Jimmie Johnson.


Apparently their son, Brexton, wouldn’t mind being Johnson either. Ha! In a recent trip to the grocery store, Samantha videoed Kyle guiding Brexton through the grocery store in a buggy that was in the shape of a race car.

Notice two things- the race car is blue… and there’s the number 48 on the side of the car.

On Samantha’s title, she simply put “When you are 7 time I guess even your competitors want to be you” with a laughing emoji. I mean, she has an excellent point! Haha!

Look for yourself below!

That is pretty hilarious! Lol Glad the boys had a good time shopping with Mom! 

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