Kurt Busch Just Broke His Silence On His Future With Stewart-Haas, I Can’t Believe It


Kurt Busch’s future seems to still be one big question mark.

As most of us know, Stewart Haas Racing did not choose to renew Kurt Busch’s contract after this season. As all of us were buzzing about it, Busch wasn’t giving us much to work with in regards to how he was feeling.


All he ever said was basically “Hey, I’m not worried about it.” But now Kurt is finally speaking out on SHR’s decision.

“They chose not to pick up my option, but I see it as good options for me. I’m not too worried about it. I feel like there’s more options out there than what exist here. The phone didn’t stop ringing all week and not just because it was my birthday.”

In regards to his choices for the future, Kurt mentioned that he’s definitely going to weigh his options. And SHR is definitely still one of those options.

“I’m looking for the best possible options to race a competitive car that has got a chance to win races, win poles and compete for a championship. There are different cars that are options for me, and Stewart-Haas is one of them.”

He admitted that this recent chain of events has effected he and his team. But he’s hoping that they can stay focused wrapping up this season.

“The disruption of them not picking up my option [is] it gets the crew guys all flustered [and] Ford is very surprised by it. We’ve just got to stay focused and stay sharp. There’s no reason to not think I couldn’t be back here. It’s a matter of making it all work out. I’m not too worried about it.”

Overall, Busch is STILL not worried about his future. He knows he’ll be on a team in 2018.

“There’s no stress whatsoever. There’s plenty of time for all different options to unfold. … There are a couple of offers already so we’ll see how things play out.”

I admire his resilience, and his optimistic outlook.

I guess we’ll see what Busch chooses after the 2017 season!

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