Kurt Busch Just Joined A New Team, You’ve Got To See This!


Big things are in store for NASCAR and Kurt Busch is proving why!!

Now that Monster Energy has taken over NASCAR’s premier series entitlement sponsorship, things are most definitely going to be changing within the sport. We’ve already started to see that in multiple ways.

One obvious way that things have changed is the logo and the series name. But that was a given seeing that it was a part of the agreement.

Some changes that can’t exactly be in a written agreement, but have been talked about, are the changes in atmosphere. Monster has been known to host events full of adrenaline, loud music and fun. There is no doubt in our minds that Monster will bring that to Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.


Monster came out with their annual event called the “Doonies”. In this videoed event, you are able to see “every conceivable off-road machine” driven at high speeds in sand dunes.

They recently released footage of their latest “Doonies” event, and low and behold we saw Kurt Busch driving his No. 41 Monster Energy car down the highway.

As we know, driver Kurt Busch has been sponsored by Monster Energy for a few years now. He’s already gotten a taste of this adrenaline we speak of. But he got a special taste during this event.

When asked what his favorite part was on Twitter, Busch answered simply:

That’s a pretty sick picture if you ask me. You can watch the entire #Doonies3 event below, Kurt comes in around the 3:10 mark! Prepare to be amazed, y’all.

We are incredibly impressed!

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