Kurt Busch’s Ex-Girlfriend Is About To Finally Get The Justice She Deserves


It is a good idea for anyone to be wary of who you date. But celebrities like NASCAR’s Kurt Busch need to be especially careful about who they bring into their lives. On the chance that the relationship goes south, the wrong person could cause problems. Busch’s ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, definitely appears to fit that description.

She goes to trial on February 5, 2018.

What did she do?

Federal authorities have accused her of defrauding the Armed Forces Foundation. They have accused her of misappropriating $599,000 from the charity to pay for groceries, alcohol, travel expenses, and jewelry. They also believe she used funds to help her own company, Frontline Defense Systems.

The Foundation is a charity that helps wounded soldiers and their families.

Driscoll has been indicted on seven counts alleging an attempt to interfere with the administration of Internal Revenue Service laws, wire fraud, mail fraud, fraud and tax evasion. One count did get dismissed.

She was serving as the executive director of the charity when the alleged crimes occurred.

Driscoll accused Busch of domestic abuse back when the two were dating. But authorities dismissed the charges. They didn’t seem to find her story credible. She waited a month to make a report. It also didn’t look good when she broke into his motorhome at Dover after the two had broken up.

Also, during the time when the abuse supposedly occurred and she reported it, Driscoll tried to extort money from Busch.

If found guilty, no punishment will be enough. To take money meant to help members of the military is beyond deplorable. She deserves to have the book thrown at her.

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