Minutes Before The Start Of The Race, Dale Jr. Made A Desperate Plea For Help


Ever since Junior’s life was threatened by a pretty horrific concussion, he’s been much more aware of his health.

To most, driving a race car seems like pretty easy work. Besides, it’s just turning the steering wheel left for a few hundred laps, right?

Wrong. Very wrong. These drivers have to be in pretty good shape in order to do what they do. Going that amount of speed for that amount of time can take a toll on the body.


Not to mention, it can get pretty hot in the cars. They have suits and helmets and lots of other gear, but for the most part, air conditioning is not a very doable thing in a race car.

Technology has definitely advanced over the years and the drivers are blessed enough to have a small air conditioning system in their car, but according to Dale Jr., it doesn’t put out quite enough volume of air in order to make much of a difference.

This weekend in Phoenix, we saw a record high temperature of 96 degrees. That is no walk in the park temperature for someone behind the wheel of a race car.

And because of that, just moments before the start of the race, Dale Jr. made a desperate plea for help from his technician.  concerning how well the AC unit blows air out.

Without proper cooling, drivers could possibly over heat and faint, causing lord knows whatever kind of horrible accident.

Watch the entire interview below where he explains it all.

We strongly agree with Junior… things need to change. 

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