Moments After His First Win, NASCAR Driver Makes Emotional Announcement


This weekend was an emotional one for many.

The sport of racing comes with many hardships. The more money you have, the better off you are. And the drivers who are at the bottom are just fighting to stay afloat!

That especially applies for drivers in other series besides the Cup Series. Like Camping World Truck and Xfinity. Sure, there are drivers and teams with more money that win more often, but most of the drivers and teams are fighting hard in every area to get where they are.

John Hunter Nemecheck was overcome with emotion after his Camping World Truck Series win for that reason exactly- He and his team have worked so hard to get to Victory Lane, and finally it happened.


Moments after he got his first win of the season, Nemecheck expressed just how special the win was.

“It’s definitely an emotional win- all the hard work that goes into this.. Everyone works their tails off. And we haven’t had the best of luck this year, we got into victory lane when we needed to. God is great, I can’t thank him enough. Being faithful.. I knew all the hard work would pay off. “

And of course with it being Father’s Day, it became extra special to have his Dad there with him.

“It’s an awesome Father’s Day present for Dad here.”

Watch the entire moment and interview below!

Very true, John! We are THRILLED for Nemecheck and his team… they are beyond deserving of this win! Congratulations, guys!

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