Months After Announcing Their Pregnancy, Dale Jr. And Amy Give Emotional Update


It was just a couple of months ago that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Amy announced their pregnancy. Now they just shared news that has us all in tears.

When Dale Jr. announced that they were going to be getting married, we had no idea that the couple would have a baby so soon. We also didn’t expect Dale Jr. to retire but it looks like he’s really ready to settle down and just spend time with his family.

Although it’s bittersweet that he his retiring, we are happy for him and his growing family. Now, we know that he is going to be having a little girl and we couldn’t be happier! I wonder if she’ll take after her dad in racing!?

Since the big announcement we haven’t seen a ton of updates, but Amy Reimann-Earnhardt did just share one of the most motional updates yet.

Due in May 2018, Amy finally shared a baby bump picture and it has fans going wild.

“The bump is definitely growing,” she wrote beneath the photo. “I’m officially half way through the pregnancy and feeling great.”

Aside from sharing about the pregnancy a little bit she shared that they are still trying to come up with names for the little baby. Apparently Dale wants her to have part of his name, but she assured fans that those names are all “off the table.”

She didn’t share any names that are in the running but we are still so excited for the couple. And guess what the best part is?!

Dale Jr. has finally been able to see and feel the baby kick!

“Little Miss is kicking up a storm lately,” Amy continued. “Dale has finally been able to feel AND SEE her kick around. We still don’t have a name picked…hope I can make a  decision soon. For the record (and it was close) Dalina, Daletona & Daleyn are off the table.”

This is so beautiful!!!


What do you think they should name her!?

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